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Where the Wild Bees are



In the cavernous depths of a

lifeless stump


or the damp decay

of Gaia’s womb


under the dry crunch

of desiccated leaves


or the deep green pith

of a sleeping stem


shrouded in the divine chemistry

of nature’s madness


she waits there to emerge

precisely when the time is right


to seek the

mottled color


of sweet fields

and lonely blossoms.


You may see a reflection

of a flying gem


or a wild darling

encased in yellow dust


peering from within

a velvet bloom.


She knows nothing of

her power


to draw the minds

of humans


nor the ways that we

delight in her genius


she simply persists

in her gentle mission


whispering her secrets to

one bloom after another.


Cherish her home,

her offering is


worth a thousand

dead stumps