View the Poets for Science collection as read by contributing poets, or create your own found poem from the videos.

Natural History

Camille Dungy

Endangered Species

Dan Beachy-Quick

The Astronomer’s Son

Kazim Ali

On the Fifth Day

Jane Hirshfield

Zinc Fingers

Peter Meinke

My God, It’s Full of Stars

Tracy K. Smith

The Leaves of a Dream Are the Leaves of an Onion (Section 2)

Arthur Sze

A Bowl of Spaghetti

Kimiko Hahn

The Common Crow Fibonacci

Alicia Ostriker


Jane Hirshfield

Imaginary Number

Vijay Seshadri


Alison Hawthorne Deming

Old Acquaintance

Mark Jarman

The Scientific Method: Chemistry Laboratory

Kim Roberts


W.S. Merwin


Marie Howe

In Any Event

Dorianne Laux

Chaos Theory

Linda Pastan, read by Maddie

For All

Gary Snyder, read by Maddie


Linda Pastan, read by Isaiah

Say Something Interesting About Stars

Laura Fargas, read by Anya

Why Explain the Precise by Way of the Less Precise?

Kay Ryan, read by Olivia

Address: the Archaeans, One Cell Creatures

Pattiann Rogers, read by Olivia