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Val Corsaglia, Italian Piemonte



We walked away from the village of Corsaglia along a trail that led through lush,


Species loss


nearly impenetrable oak, hazelnut, and chestnut woods, past ancient stone houses


ocean acidification


and shepherds’ huts, beside a rushing stream.  When we began to walk it was softly


ocean “dead zones”


raining.  The rain soon stopped, but the mist and cool soft air remained.


global freshwater crisis


Everywhere wildflowers—buttercups, daisies, scabiosa, Johnny jump-ups,




button ferns, wild geraniums, wild strawberries.  Once, when the river


consequent soil erosion


curved away, a meadow opened up to our left, and it was so richly flowering


colony collapse disorder


that I could only think of the millefleurs foregrounds of medieval paintings,


                                     fertilizers and herbicides, chemically toxic soil


the thousand small flowers springing up around the Christ child.