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Thinking Biological Organisms



Someone said:
“You are a brain. You are meat and electricity.”
Hence I cogitate.
Now I supplement.

Am I?
Oh, I harness an affirmative and negative notion.
Yes, I think my brain is an essential concoction.
Yet I process such questions via non-reduction,
thus I link nervous system organization.

Nexus synapting.

What am I, then?
Then neuroendocrine profound interconnection.
Lo concomitance of sensation, of locomotion.
Then analysis and synthesis, oxygenation and nutrition;
lo respiration and sanguine circulation.

Plexus leptonizing.

What and how?
What I am is a physiological conjuncture inextrication.
How it feels implies a response from virtue naturalization.
What I is emergently includes developing cognition.
How cognizing is comprehends interpreting an “I” conception.

Sum ergo cogito.
Fluxus cogitans.