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The Solidification




The Solidification


Most days, you wake up with an existing condition

The world has long reached a point where warmth

Is another universe waiting to be discovered

Your breath does not have to travel long before it drops

On your lap as microscopic crystal wonders

A beauty blind to your naked eye, those eyes

That have long forgotten how to make it rain under your lids

To warm the face, which formed creases over time

Drying out in the cold, numbed and numbed as

This cold makes its way to your core, into the inner part of your body

Where the heart still beats, trying so hard to beat

Against the solidification of your being, with a thump

Thump-thump-thumping that is barely a drone now

But a flickering hiss of an ember soon to be dying out

Every morning is an existing condition, as commanded

By the eyes that awoke to a night of terror and anxiety for the future

Where things may fail, where things may change

Where things submit to the dictates of nature

So, a state of affairs is better than a thawing-freezing-thawing

Situation where your heart once grew tired of

And your body stumped to the ground, rooted

Each morning, the heart fights to beat, but Science

States that in addition to heat, you need foreign objects

To break the equilibrium––to slow the freezing process

Such as the salt that tears might be able to provide

But no longer, if only there’s still a part of you that gushes out