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See you later, slater: A species recovery plan




(If you think I’m an insect, you’re wrong:

My cousin the lobster has long

dominated the market –

but he can just cark it

while I sing my inimitable song.)


They first found me under a pot –

Where I came from, they knew or cared not,

They checked up in the books

and turned loose the chooks

who wiped out my world in a shot.


Now I lay all my eggs in a pouch

to keep the babes safe in a stoush

When they’ve got enough legs

I race off to the dregs

and perform as The Fabled Wood Louse.


Plus I know to curl up like a pill

and roll at top speed down the hill –

if that sort of vibe

doesn’t salvage the tribe

then I really can’t tell you what will.