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Life’s dual incarnations—
animals and trees,
the moving and unmoving
denizens of the planet
breathe in synchrony—

inhaling and exhaling
complementary molecules,
Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide—

the oxygen of one life form,
is the poison of the other
and vice versa—
one of nature’s
many balancing acts.

These two main expressions
of life partake
in an interdependent
evolutionary dance—

interacting, creating
and sustaining life
in this seemingly
lone blue capsule
of air, fire,
water, and earth—

a capsule decorated with
an infinite array of paintings—
lazy clouds embellished
with flocks of birds,
savannahs sprinkled
with leaping gazelles,
mountains hugged
in shimmering snow…
and sweeping swaths
of opulent green—

an ecosystem
rife with life,
in stark contrast
to dead planets
flooding the cosmos.

Are we the sole
blue dot in the universe?

What a rarity
then, is life?