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My Coca-Cola Rewards



If it’s true that this effervescence
was first named kekoukela,

Chinese dialect for “female horse
stuffed with wax,” if it’s not myth

that it can cure hiccups when gargled,
ameloriate better than piss the ignorant

sting of a jellyfish, fix colic
and the trots when deflated,

if it’s for sure that it can strip dye
and gum from hair, polish

antique coins but antique new photos,
give you a tan, erase the smell of fish

from clothes or hands, green your grass,
if it really does charge a battery,

keep your tires from attracting dirt
and toughen the pads of your dog’s paws,

then perhaps it will also dissolve
both the hammer and the drywall

nail on which you’ve hung to drain
my all-too-common heart.