Poets for Science
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impoverished imagination

Consummate, continuous chaos,
constitutes a cosmic costume.
But beneath bewildering bedlam,
buried beauty blossoms.

Plenty of puzzles present,
from peeking pieces of patterns.
But are reality’s revelations fact,
or just fanciable fictions?

What language does nature speak?
The words we think we hear,
can they be trusted as truths,
if heard through human ears?

Humanity is constrained by humanness.
Sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch as the bars,
of a humanly imperceptible prison,
confining us to a slice of the world.

A sliver of uncertain understanding.
A shadow of tempered truth.
A smidgen of impoverished imagination.
A shred of reduced reality.

Subjective, conscious existence,
is the only lens through which we show,
the scientific truths we aspire for,
the human-tainted facts we “know.”