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a swift awakening of tongues, then quiet
a simmer underneath
of whittled folios, a perfect bind
to form a history
out of tridents, the quill must acquiesce
against the rims of crystal glasses
we bequeathed the life of a lightning strike

i named the wind by the smokestack offerings:
a daily turbulence
from above, the bridge indicts the orient of the sun
seeping estuary, unsought
our brackish mouths
wide open & spitting

overgrown gums: a rotten cemetery,
sleeping like the fading moon under the gullwing
amber light feathered into tender marrow

my pains are white & twiggy under the bright lights of these artifices
urban forestry, desexed alone, i am a bayou porch
rural birchbite
knees of aspen

when we replaced our fingers with topiaries,
the strength of mint stalks became quantifiable
spine devours extremities for their succulents
impeccable blastocysts

i forget, lately, how the body is to carve wrists from petrified trunks
hair from ironlace
fifolets spark from marsh water, i watch
as the baubles dance:

how the sun fidgets time into concentric circles & breathes back into itself