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Grains of Stone



 “….airborne coccoliths may play an important  role in cloud formation above the oceans, the researchers report today in iScience. In large numbers, the tiny particles provide a lot of surface area on which water vapor can condense to form droplets, they say.” –Sid Perkins, “Science” 2018


Your name is coccolith because you resemble grains of stones. Accepting sunlight you parcel carbon, link it in chains, weave concentric circles of chalk. Calcium kisses carbonate guarding anabolic highways and loops, grouted in air. Seas battered by wind sacrifice spray against her blows. Atoms draw together in blind obedience. Hydrogen braces oxygen as entropy falls. Coccolith shatter – a spherical circus, ripped, entwined ‘round death you ascend lifted upon mist. What a miracle it is to find purpose in the world of the living, giving gentle molecules a place to land, to find each other, and thus you quench our thirst with oceans.