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Free Speed




As rowers we are always looking
free speed we call it something to keep us pushing.
Eat some sugar coach says as we catch our breath
We do as we are told avoiding the brink of death.

Gummies, welches, Scandinavian swimmers, and more
these are our favorites energy it will restore.
What is in these pellets of joy you ask,
Glucose! To start cellular respiration our cell’s biggest task.

After being broken down to it’s core, C6H12O6
This monosaccharide begins it’s fix.
Only 2 ATP is required, 4 being the end effect
Forming pyruvate molecules is what we expect.

One more phrase rowing and biology can relate
glycolysis occurs in both an aerobic and anaerobic state
I will keep on eating my gummies before training
knowing my cells will provide energy always maintaining.