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Elongating Longevity



After Kolora et al.’s 2021 Science article


So much to learn from finned, scaly creatures

barely sinking above the ocean floor. If we

fillet our genes, dissect our skins wrinkling wet,

hone in on our brittle vertebrae, you can see that

this is our origin. Everything hinges on time, so

we investigate how long the rockfish lives. Bestow

names to differentiate the ones that live barely

a decade, while others survive for centuries.

The idiosyncrasies found in unraveling

genomes, quest for youth and life. We map to

journey into genetic codes, puzzling through

evolutionary trees, battling ancestral instinct,

triumphing into pathways. Sugar intake, hunger

receptors regulating the rise and fall of our

ribs, beating of our hearts, quivering neuroreceptors.

Adventuring in questions, converging on

time, sliding past into the future. My diet

evolves as I age into this body towards

seafood, including white fish. The same

rockfish we study, so too do we ingest.

Who is to say what more there is to be gained

from our fellow gilled ancestors dwelling

throughout the seven seas.