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Days of the Fire of Fires

We said — here, too.

We said no power.

We said oh no. Said

many prisms of pity, conclusion. We said

those short and small messages

that mean terrible, horrifying.

Can’t believe it we said,

awful, and thinking of you

again and again. We said wow

and OMG and nightmare, and

we said have a plan, said love and worried and hope

you’re okay. We said plague and go or don’t.

We said no clearing of sky and more

than a week. We said vast

mist, the color of rust. We said as if

refusing what can be undone.

We said forest and town and erasure and species.

Some said we are still okay.

We said sunrise and ash. We said same

here. Or we said never. She said trying

to breathe. The winds rape on

in the unfocused light. We said it is,

it isn’t. He said the full coming down,

the coiling around. Unreal. We said ravaged,

so very, I’m so. Sorry and so. Same here

we said, or yes or no. Tragic we said. Look at it now.

We said this morning, said we are settled

much as we can. Said our house

or the neighbors, everything, everyone.

Likely to get worse we said we heard.

The end of the world. How are you?

Pray we said in a whisper—

The valley is heavy.

We drove through. Could not.