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Ask for a universe and what do you get?       (a Golden Shovel for Beatrice Tinsley)



Ask for a universe and what do you get?

a Golden Shovel for Beatrice Tinsley


For a while scientists’ proposed loopholes 

crossing the universe, wormholes a technique in 

which to traverse distance to other worlds, this 

unpleasant constraint which most reasoning 

holds us to a single solar system or may 

be, just perhaps a transit could exist 

to get us to Proxima Centauri but 

travelling 4.25 light years is a big if

human tolerance of forces matter – so 

most likely our AI will proceed us and they 

will send back slow data just to say We are 

fine and happy in the primordial 

reaches of space making the invisible

visible while we observe expansion – or

it is possible we will forget them perhaps

because the heat becomes unbearable or maybe just 

because too close to light we lose night’s black.