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i am misleading

indistinct, variable

brown to pink to clear

lustrous, vitreous to the dullest

little brittle fracture

mostly transparent

then opaque


i’m colorless in that

i’m a spectrum

“i contain multitudes”

by turns white i’m gray

i’m a yellowish green

comprised by all

these valuable radiances


I’m my own supergroup

So various I shine – a series of related minerals

The Greeks call me deceptive

But I decode their pyramidal system

i diaphanate like RoyGBiv

Moody af


I’m all hardness – sometimes they say dull

My colloform habit

No visible crystalline affinities


Comprised of calcium phosphorous hydrogen chlorine oxygen fluorine

I’m “what a girl wants what a girl needs”

Sharp-tongued and limber enough to keep em forever on their toes

A conchoidal fracture developed in the breath of witness