Poets for Science is a participatory project and installation exploring the connection between science and poetry.

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I pledge allegiance to the gorillas who groom their dead, / the elephants who mourn theirs, / the octopuses with their three brains and many disguises, / the pigeons who can count, / the salps gleaming yesterday on Crane Beach, / a thousand tiny pearls, / that is to say: all my fellow creatures / on our tiny blue planet / floating in the vastness
Elizabeth J. Coleman, NYC
I pledge allegiance to vast steppe territories / and the smell of grass and blossoming fruit orchards / with confidence in my ability to have this feeling forever
Olena, Ukraine
I pledge allegiance to the warm fragrant summer nights, / the sweet voices of the crickets, / singing in the dark, / the never-ending magic of the Black Sea, / to all the creatures who are living here and now with me!
Spasina Staneva, Pazardzhik, Bulgaria
I pledge allegiance to human kindness. / To preserve and cherish humanity / and the pale blue dot, / the only home we’ve ever known.
Manav Sumara, Ahmedabad, India
I pledge allegiance to the vast emptiness between subatomic particles / The infinite variety of planets and suns / The hardness of time / And the softness of matter
James, Cranbury
I pledge allegiance to recognizing the implicit oneness of self and other; / to finding in the lines of my palm / the traces of yours.
I pledge allegiance to the green tree days of my childhood
Genevieve, Cleveland
I pledge allegiance to the right of every species to thrive, / in functioning ecosystems, / and of all people to thrive alongside them
Michaela, Nashville
I pledge allegiance to Cosmology, to our place in the universe, / to what dwarfs us and makes us look up / to stars and star stuff, / to galactic ballet, / to the bigger-than-me, / to the gorgeous system of which / I am an infinitely small subset
Molly, Johnson City, TN
I pledge allegiance to original thought / To the creative fulfillment of our human nature
Sebastian Baca, Albuquerque
I pledge allegiance to the power of gravity’s imposing pull
Alessandro, Los Angeles
I pledge allegiance to quantum mechanics / And superposition, / Cats who are both dead and alive / And the version of myself / Whose ashes sit on my sister’s mantle.
Anonymous, San Diego
I pledge allegiance to old growth forests, partnered through soil and specie, You are the carbon soul of soil, a mother leading seedin mycorrhizal connection, under leaf-sky canopy, with aerobic symbioses for all
Alycia Calvert
I pledge allegiance to the spiders, tangling their silken webs across fingered branches, cocooning their prey in gossamer coffin.
Lauren E. Osborn, Stillwater, OK
I pledge allegiance to footsteps uncovered in the white sands of New Mexico from 22 thousand years ago.
Christopher Wick, Tucson
I pledge allegiance to the lulling drumbeat of collectivepulse, always existing, waiting for us to acknowledge our powerand purpose as one breathing planet of possibilities
Alex Petunia, Los Angeles
I pledge allegiance to the things not yet heard not yet seen and not yet experienced. I pledge allegiance to the imagination and a new scope of reality.
Ebani Welch, Doylestown
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